I just want to ramble....

This was the first August in over 16 years that I haven't been like the millions of other Americans returning to the classroom for a hues school year. I have been taking some involuntary time off from school... It is driving me nuts. While I like not having the stressful test schedule, three hours or more of homework every night, and all of the work that comes with school work. I do truly miss it. I feel like I am just at a standstill. Time is going by faster every day, but I don't feel like I am going anywhere. All of my closest friends are beginning their senior year, a year from now they will be starting their careers and I won't have anything.

I feel so lost, because I know that this break is actually GOOD for me. I have no clue what I want to go back to school FOR! I have two visions for my life and no clue which direction I want to go in. All I do know is I have no desire to go back to early childhood education, that job was not for me. I am so thankful I discovered that before I graduated. I do hate how much time I wasted pursuing that degree.

All around me I am surrounded by people who are perfectly content not haing a job. I also have the ones who are older than I am, but have settled with a job working barely over minimum wage. While I completely understand that everyone has their own view of success, I am still freaking terrified that this will be my future. At what point do dreams die? At what point do people settle? What will be my breaking point?

I have been so fusturated recently, because I feel like most of the people I am close to these days don't understand my need to be busy. They understand that I like it, but they just don't get why. Sometimes thou, I don't get why. If I am not busy I just feel, useless. In my grade school years I was always involved in after school activities. In college I did it all. Now that I don't have school, I am restless to fill the gaping hole in my life that school used to fill. Even though I was always skipping class (lol) my calendar was filled for every waking hour of the day. I was satisfied. I have been trying everything to make myself feel as satisfied. I am working a great part time job, that I love and am thankful for every day. I just started my own at home business working in the world of direct sales. I am having a great time with it, but even with my two jobs I am not feeling the same satisfaction.

So, I started a busy workout schedule. I am taking pole dance classes twice a week and Zumba when I don't have a Thursday wildtree tasting. Hopefully, satisfied or not, I'll lose some of this weight I have gained trying to fill my empty calendar with food.

I just don't know how to make myself truly happy. However, at the end of the day I wouldn't trade my life for any other. I sacrificed what I have always known, all of my routines, my comfort, my cravings for a full calendar for my out of this world amazing husband. I love the way my heart races when I hear his truck pull up outside the apartment.... Which he just did. :-)
Well, clearly I fail at keeping up with my blog. I renamed it and gave it a new background since I have also modified the theme of my present life. Good bye "Sailors, Coffee, and Life" and my old cafe' background.

I had a hard time deciding on a new theme for my blog. I don't have anything that really defines me.

My last layout was coffee themed to match my job as a barista at Gloria Jeans. I loved that job so very much. I most of all loved the people I worked with. However, I just couldn't keep working nights and weekends. It was taking me away from the time I have to spend with Rutsty, who is the whole reason I am here in the first place. I quit when we got back from our honeymoon. It was really hard. I was only there a short time in the grand scheme of things, but it hurt to leave. I miss it, but I am happy with the decision made and if I could do it again, the thing I would have changed is doing it sooner.

I am very happy at Edible Arrangements. The pay is good, I work with some great ladies, and I love the hours. I thought about changing my blog layout to match this job, however I just feel like a fruit theme layout is a bit much. ;-)

I don't want to go super navy pride, because honestly I am enjoying living a life where it is easy to forget we are a part of the navy. Yeah my husband works 14+ hour days in a uniform, but he comes home every night to me. It is getting harder to forget though. Last week we had to turn in our Navy "dream sheet" which really they may not even look at when deciding where we are sent next. It was still a nice thump in the head bringing me back to the reality, that in less than 6 months I may be moving from my wonderful home in South Carolina. There is still a chance we will be stationed here for another two years, but we can't count on it. We don't have plans for kids in the next few years so we are taking this opportunity to try to live on the west coast for a change. Our first choice is Hawaii, holidays will be tough, but that is the experience of a lifetime. Our second choice was San Diego. Third was Washington state. Fourth choice was any pacific port, I think this could mean Japan. Our final choice is Kings Bay, because if we don't get anywhere cool I might as well be able to finish my degree through VSU and be close to family. To be honest, I am just terrified of moving. I have about 5 more months to get over that I guess.

I will do my best to blog more, but I have said that about once a month or the past three months.
So, I know that 12:39a is not a crazy late evening and most nights in college this would still be considered an early night. Since my Valdosta days I have adjusted to more of a military schedule. Today though I decided to take a nap, now I am unable to even sit still on the couch. I am watching murder mystery shows and Rusty has been sleeping by my side for a good two hours now. He is really sweet, he doesn't want to go up to bed with out me. The challenge will be getting him off the couch when I am ready for bed.

Today wasn't the greatest day. I worked at EA, that was actually the highlight of my day. It was a short 2hr day so I was able to rush home to be with Rusty. We went to the farmers market downtown. This was something I have wanted to do for a few months now, and we finally had the chance. Unfortunately, when we got there it was just not a good experience. Rusty has the biggest test of his navy career (thus far) on Tuesday, he has to deal with other things on base, and he was really stressed and mentally preoccupied. So he was not enjoying himself, and he was pretty miserable to be around. I would have had more fun alone. We left with only two things of blueberries and ginger tea. I should have seen his bad mood coming, but it still really sucked. It was one of those days where it was easier to just not talk and then move on after a few hours of silence. Now we are good like nothing ever happened. The thing that still irks me is he was so stressed.... but he never went in to study or to do any of the other things occupying his mind.

Whatever... one week from now we will be on vacation and this weekend won't even matter.

Eh, I was gonna update about the rest of my life. But I think I just wanted to get that off my chest. That, and I took two tylenol pm tablets so the hour is starting to sink in.

I miss blogging.

I really miss keeping up with my blog. Even though it only lasted two months, it was still a nice part of my life. :-)

But with two jobs, I feel like I hardly have time anymore. Not totally true, but I do have less time lol.
This morning I was just going to quickly check my email and then get ready for work... of course there was a GREAT deal in my inbox and I just couldn't resist checking it out. :-)


I use ebates for ALL of my online shopping, because it gives me cash back on purchases I am already making! Every day they do a "daily double" where they will give you DOUBLE the cash back on a site.

Today's daily double is for "4inkjets.com" giving a whopping 27% cash back!! I just ran out of ink after printing endless coupons so this deal could not have come at a better time for me!

4InkJets.com offers a few different options when buying ink. You can get it remanufactured. They take a used ink cartridge and fill it up. They put it through a print test and a "rigorous testing and quality assurance process" to ensure it will work as good as new. They do have the option to buy your ink completely new. Doing this is 2 or 3 times more expensive. The other option is to buy a refill kit and do it yourself!

I bought 6 remanufactured cartridges so I could save $1 on each cartridge.

I used coupon code BRGHT22 and got 10% off.

I chose to do 2nd day shipping which cost me $7.48.

My overall total was $53.38 - $14.41 I am getting back since I used ebates.... So for my 6 ink cartridges I am spending $38.97. That is $6.50 per ink cartridge. Ink usually costs me about $20-$25 each.

If you haven't used ebates before use this link and get an extra $5 cash back after you make your first purchase! That would have brought down the price of each cartridge to under $6!

Want to save a bunch of money on printer ink like I did?

1. Go to ebates.com and sign up (It is free and it takes less than 1 minute).
2. Find the daily double icon on the right of the page OR just search for 4inkjets.com.
3. Choose your printer and your ink.
4. Don't forget to use code "BRGHT22" to get 10% off all products (Except OEM Ink Cartridges) PLUS Free Shipping on all orders over $50. (I still paid so I could get 2nd day shipping!)

Happy Saving!

Life has been such a blur the past few weeks. I have no clue where the month of April went! Oh and before I forget...

Now that we got that out of the way... yeah holy shit it is already May! That means I have been living in SC for almost half of a year. I have been working at Gloria Jeans for three months. Rusty graduates power school next month. Just so much has happened and is about to happen. 

Wanna know what I have been up to? Wanna know what I am currently up to? 


Okay you can stop reading right here. 

Currently, I am just enjoying sitting down. Both of my feet are propped up on the sofa and I am just loving having some quiet time. Rusty is studying. Jasper is chewing... on my fucking sock. Ugh. I give him so many toys, chew sticks, and he decides he will chew on my sock. Yeah, I just noticed that as I was writing. Too bad this isn't a video blog, yall would have had some legit entertainment! Oh well, I need to buy new socks anyways... 

I am mentally and physically preparing myself for another holiday at Edible Arrangements! This time I am an actual employee. A few weeks back (around the time I stopped blogging for a bit) I started looking for a second job. By chance, this was also the time that Edible Arrangements was hiring! Talk about good timing. I started looking for a job, because I only work about three days a week at Gloria Jeans and that leaves me with a lot of bored downtime while Rusty isn't home. When I could get extra hours at GJ it was when Rusty was at home. Now, I have two jobs and a lot less time just sitting around on my couch. :-) I am much happier this way.

I am really liking working at Edible Arrangements so far. I found another job with great supervisors and coworkers. The work is fun and the time passes by quickly. I just wish there was music. I am actually NOT working at the same location that I worked at on Valentines Day. So, I really and truly am the new kid. I hate being new, but since I worked as a temp before I don't feel QUITE as awkward. :-/ I am EXTREMELY thankful I got this job. It keeps me moving, it is unique, it has GREAT hours, it pays really well, and I work with great people. 

Gloria Jeans is going well. I really do consider my coworkers some of my best friends here. I wish we could hang out together outside of the coffee shop, but there is always someone working. :-( My only complaint is one I have had all along, I don't have weekends unless I ask for them. I hate not having my time off coordinating with Rusty's. I moved here (SC) to be with my husband and allow us to get our lives started together, side by side, before he deploys. I just hate that our schedules don't sync up. I know my boss does try though. Next week my schedule is only one closing shift and I have Sunday off. It is a lot better than some weekends. I think eventually I will need a set schedule. I may be trained to close, and I actually wouldn't mind closing two times a week as my only shifts there. Honestly, I just want to stay there, because I love the job so much. I would miss it every day if I were to leave. Every day some one at EA has asked me why I am still working there, I have a true love for Gloria Jeans and the people that work there. We will see how it all plays out. I just know it would break my heart to leave my family at Gloria Jeans. 

On a different note... my car is finally fixed 2 months later! I have a working headlight, a hood that opens, and an oil change. :-) I am glad that I have one less thing off my mind. 

Jasper is doing well. I wish I could get him in to intermediate training classes, but I am going to have to wait until my life settles down a little bit first. I am always so tired, learning how to do a new job is EXHAUSTING! Meanwhile I feel bad that I haven't gotten to take Jasper to daycare or to the park in two weeks. :-(

Well, that is basically my life right now. Work, work, wanting to spend more time with Rusty, and Jasper. I really feel like I have lost most of my navy wife friends. :-( It sucks, but since I have two jobs I don't have time to just hang out at someone's house during the day, go over to watch TV at night, exc. It just hasn't worked out well for me. I miss having social time, I hope once I am finished training at EA and maybe get more of a set schedule at GJ my life should be balanced and I can start all over again and try to make friends with the navy wives. :-( I didn't even get to say goodbye to my friend Katy before she left for New York. I am really upset about that. :-(

Every time I get a chance to sit down and catch my breath, I feel like it is time to work again. Despite 15 hour work days and my crazy schedule, I am really happy with where I am in my life. :-)

Now I am going to go back to being lazy and relaxing before I begin 5 days of Mother's Day insanity at Edible Arrangements!

So, just a few weeks ago I posted a blog about how I got some AWESOME deals on restaurant.com using ebates.com. I got over $200 in restaurant gift cards for less than $20. If you missed that blog feel free to check it out here.

I decided since I was going to be trying so many new places I would share what I thought about them on my blog by doing little reviews. Please note I am NOT a food critic. Just doing this out of my own entertainment. :-)

My second restaurant review is for Cajun Kountry Kitchen Cafe. :-)

My husband looooves Cajun food. I am confident he could eat it for every meal, every day. At one point when we started dating he would make jambalaya multiple times every week. Some of you may recall my Valentines gift to my husband was actually making him jambalaya.

When I was looking for restaurants to try on restaurant.com I couldn't pass up going to get my husband's favorite food. I am so glad they were on restaurant.com or else we might have never found this AWESOME local business.

When we went in were immediately greeted by the friendly staff (there were only two of them :-) ). We got to pick our table and since we were trying to spend $35 we actually ordered drinks. (We are typically just water with lemon people). I am so glad we did. Rusty ordered lemonade and I got sweet tea, both were awesome! I usually don't comment on drinks, but man these were good. :-)

We asked what the staff recommended for an appetizer and got the bbq shrimp based on their recommendation. It was awesome! Such a great choice. Next time I think we will try one of their gator apps or their sweet potato fries... that is if we can resist not getting that awesome shrimp again! 

While waiting for our main course I took some pictures of the place. I loved the unique atmosphere. This is also when I decided I HAD to let more people know about this place!! 

Rusty and I did our usual thing and ordered the dinner sampler for two so we could try everything. Oh man we were not disapointed by ANYTHING they brought us! My favorite was the jambalaya and Rusty DEVOURED those crawfish. 

Throughout our meal both our server and the chef came and checked up on us, providing us with EXCELLENT personable service. I haven't experienced service this great in a long time. If you love cajun food, this is a MUST try restaurant. Heck, even if you don't love cajun food, it is probably because you have never experienced anything this good! 

We will be back soon! Plus we got one of their dining cards which allows us to get our 7th meal there free. With my husband's love for cajun, it won't take us long!